How would you rank your oral health care? If you are at a younger age, it is important to begin setting forth effective oral hygiene plans to keep your smile safe. In addition, it is important to exercise caution and avoid unhealthy habits or peer pressure risks that can damage your smile. By establishing effective and positive dental health plans early on in life, you can make sure that your smile is better protected for decades to come. For more information about caring for your smile as a teen, you can review the following points or talk with our dentist.

  • Several oral accidents and injuries are caused every year due to sports. Sports can destroy your smile in seconds and can lead to severe oral health damage, including a broken jaw or several knocked-out teeth. To keep your smile safe, always wear the necessary safety gear, including mouth guards and helmets.
  • Are you aware of the risks associated with mouth jewelry? Mouth jewelry consists of lip and tongue rings that are placed for stylish reasons. Although you may see the social benefits of wearing mouth jewelry, be mindful that such piercings can have a negative effect on your oral health. Oral piercings can become choking hazards and cause oral inflammation, severe infections and cracked teeth. Lip rings that are placed improperly can also lead to burst blood vessels or permanent nerve damage.
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco, or using drugs pose several threats to both your oral and general health. To avoid these, simply remove the temptations to use drugs or tobacco. Although these products may provide a temporary sense of euphoria and acceptance among peers, they can damage your life in several different ways. They can also damage your oral health by causing infections, tooth loss, and oral and throat cancer.

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