As you may already know, there are a quite a few things you’ll need to do if you’re interested in having a healthy smile. For instance, you may have also heard that you should visit your dentist at least once every six months and that you should floss and brush your teeth daily. Still, if you would like to learn more about potentially improving the health of your teeth, you might also consider brushing your tongue.

While brushing your tongue is not strictly necessary, it can help you to enjoy a number of benefits. The tongue can harbor bad bacteria which can lead to bad breath. You should also know that the bacteria on your tongue might spread to your back teeth. While this may seem like a serious problem, it can probably be avoided as long as you brush regularly.

If you suffer from an active gag reflex, it can be a challenge to brush your tongue. Luckily, keeping your tongue clean with a tongue scraper can help. This handy tool is specifically designed to keep your tongue clean. In fact, the nice thing about tongue scrapers in general is that they are specifically designed to clean your tongue without triggering your gag reflex. Furthermore, if your gag reflex is a serious issue, you might want to use a tongue scraper made of plastic because they tend to work better for people with a sensitive gag reflex.

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