Are you in need of a tooth restoration procedure such as dental implants, but are unsure if you are willing to go through with the treatment necessary to have them? Although implants do require surgery due to the fact the implants are installed directly into your jawbone, the end product will be worth the investment. Unlike dental bridges which use other teeth for support or dentures which often run the risk of falling out to your horror and embarrassment, dental implants look, act, and hold fast just as natural teeth will.

Dental implants have a sturdy and durable hold because they are directly attached to your jawbone. Not only that, but thanks to a process called Osseointegration, the relationship between the bone and implant will tighten over time for an even stronger hold that can last a lifetime. No food restrictions will be necessary as implants will hold tight for any challenges your palette will throw at it.

The benefits of a tooth replacement are long and bountiful. A mouth that is missing teeth will sink in and potentially cause your jaw to weaken over time. In addition, the void left behind in your mouth can become a haven for bacteria and food particles to gather. Not only will the implant fill in the gap, but it will strengthen your jaw, fill out your facial structure, and return you to a more youthful look once again.

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