If your smile changed from a white color to a yellow or brown color, then you are probably wondering what is causing it. This is called tooth discoloration and many different things could be the culprit. Our dentist, Dr. James Gunelson, is happy to help you determine the cause of your tooth stains so you can do what you can to change it. The most common causes of tooth discoloration are:

-Tooth-staining foods and drinks (Like red wine, coffee, dark berries, and tomato sauce. If it can stain fabric, it can stain your tooth enamel.)

-Tobacco use (Tar and nicotine stain the tooth enamel. Tar is naturally dark and nicotine is colorless until it meets oxygen. Then, it changes into a yellow, enamel-staining substance.)

-Age (Underneath the tooth enamel lies a softer layer called dentin. This layer is naturally yellow. As you age, the tooth enamel fades and exposes the dentin, making the teeth look more yellow.)

-Trauma (If you injure your teeth, they tend to protect themselves with dentin. And, like mentioned before, dentin is yellow. So, trauma can make your smile more yellow.)

-Medications (Some medications include tooth discoloration as a side effect.)

For more information and details about tooth discoloration in Stanley, Wisconsin, please talk to our dental team. All you need to do is contact Stanley Hometown Dentistry LLC at 715-644-3601 when you have the chance. We are here to help you in any way we can, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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